Who Left the Gate Open-The Trials of Staying Motivated


Stay Motivated

Stay strong

Stay working

Get up

And keep going!

We’ve all heard it, in some form or another.


We’ve all tried it and we have all failed at it at some point or another.


That’s life, nothing we can do about it.


We have all wished to be better, to do better, and to never give up. Now I am not saying give up, I am not saying you will never get there.


I am saying


Keep working! Keep striving to be better. Don’t give up. You have dreams, you have goals in life that you want to reach, so reach for them. And if you don’t have specific goals right now, make some. Strive to be better, then you were the day before. No one is going to just hand you your dreams.


Some days its hard, its hard to get up, its hard to stay motivated. Its hard to keep working on a dream that seems so far out of reach right now, but you can do it.

Jump into your motivation!


Have you ever seen the look on a puppy’s face when the gate gets left open? The moment they see the gate open up into the unknown, they run! The motivation and drive inside of them is unbearable, they wonder the open space in curiosity and joy.


They don’t want to be caught by the person running behind them, they don’t want to get trapped up inside the fence again. They want to be free, they want to see what is out in the world.




The amazing thing is, unlike the puppy. We have a goal were running towards, we have a dream that is built up inside of us. 


What we don’t have, is the same motivation as that puppy has. Remember the puppy is only exploring. You are chasing a dream, stay motivated to reach that dream, reach deep down inside of you and pull every ounce of strength you have to get there.


Make those dreams a reality in your life. 


Are you afraid once you leave this article you will become unmotivated and uninspired?


Try out these tips!


1. Expect!

a. Expect something great to happen each day, say it out loud to yourself each day. You may not always have the best day, but remember there is something amazing in everyday of your life
  • 2. Control

a. Take control over the things you have control over. Let go of the worries you have no control over.
  • 3. Stay Positive

a. Surround yourself with positivity, whether its through reading, speaking it, podcasts, videos, people…anything stay positive!
  • 4. Mistakes

a. Learn from your mistakes, you mess up? Learn the lessons and move on
  • 5. Plan for Failure

a. Don’t let failure get you down! If you fail get back up! And learn from your mistakes
  • 6. Temptation

a.are you often tempted to give up on your dreams and goals? Plan for those weaknesses. What are you going to do when you feel like giving up?

There are so many different ways to help you stay motivated. Yes, it can be challenging. Yes, some days you will want to give up. But keep pushing forward.

Be that puppy, who takes off when the gate opens up! And run like hell with your dreams.

And one day…

You’ll wake up. With everything you ever dreamed of.

So take the leap, get motivated! Stay Motivated!


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  1. But best of all, my 10 weeks were spent volunteering with young people from a mix of cultures and backgrounds – from Belgians to South Koreans. When I left Arizona, I returned home having made friends with students from across the world.

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