What is Fear??

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What is fear?

Is it everything that it is made out to be? Not really… Fear can be described as an anxious feeling caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience. We are all born with two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. The fears we gain as we get older come from the people around us or something that we have personally experienced. Each of us have inner fears that are brought on by are self esteem and then we have outer fears that are considered phobias. Inner fears can be described as how we look, how we carry ourselves, and how other people perceive us. Are outer fears can be considered things like spiders, water, serial killers, dogs; the list could go on and on. When we experience fear are brains release hypothalamus and anygolala into are blood stream. This increases are awareness, causing are muscles to become tight, we begin to sweat, and we also have a higher sense of awareness in are surroundings.

All of are fears can be traced back to five specific fears.

First, is extinction, this would be the loss of existence the idea that we would no longer be live. Next, there is mutilation this is the fear of severely injuring yourself or the changing of your body from a disease or accident. Then there is loss of autonomy, this is the idea of loosing a limb or a specific body part. Are forth one is separation, which is extremely common in small children, but it is also common among adults’ many of us have a fear of being left behind or forgotten. Lastly one of the most common fears is ego death, this has to do with the fear of making a fool of our selves whether it’s from public speaking or performing in front of an audience this fear can eat us alive and us back from are full potential.

Fear is not something we should be afraid of

It is something that keeps us pushing forward when all hope is lost. We wouldn’t hear about the brute strength of a father during the event of lifting a car off from his son, we wouldn’t hear of that speaker who was publicly humiliated but still stood above the world and earned respect from those around her, we wouldn’t hear of the man who survived in the wilderness to the point of almost death but made it out alive to be with his family who he so dearly loved. These are all examples of when fear has played an important role in someone’s life and pushed them to overcome the challenges in their lives.
it is amazing to think that one simple emotion can create such a powerful role in someone’s life. Fear is only there to help us grow and overcome are weaknesses and teach us of are greater strengths. Don’t ever let it hold you back of what you could be someday.

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