The Journey to being the Real You

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How you see yourself:

skinny, fat, happy, sad, ugly, pretty, nice, successful, poor, rude, hot….

Take 30 seconds (time yourself) and make a list (if you can, write it down) of how you see yourself.

Take a minute, do you like what you see?

Is there words there, that you wish were different?

A majority of us don’t really like what we see. Why do you think that is?

In my experience, today’s society thrives on making each one of us conform to its standards. We talk, dress, attend schools, pick out jobs… all in a familiar fashion, because that is how we are brought up. For many of us, are parents were not open to allowing us to explore outside of our culture and to see different viewpoints, so all that we know is what we are surrounded by. As we become older following are dreams become far and in-between, to the point that even taking time for ourselves is an outrageous request. Instead we are left to balancing family time, work schedules, schooling and other daily activities. Are these things bad, no they are not bad by any means, but they do take a major toll on us. As are days become over run with the constant force of being busy and making money we are forced to leave behind are dreams, so that we can make a living in today’s economy.

As we begin to leave behind are old self, many of us become stressed with the endless demands put on us. We begin to feel anger, fear, depressed and helpless. Many of us grew up being told who we were maybe you were told you were ugly, fat, lazy or maybe you lived your life always feeling poor, tired or even helpless, because you didn’t know any better you fell into that mind set that this is who you were. We tell are selves this is all we’ll ever be and yet the more we focus on those thoughts, the more we become them.

So what if you changed those thought..

what if every time you thought you were ugly you changed your thought to “I am beautiful” or maybe you think of yourself as lazy and no good, what if you changed that to say “I am motivated and energized to be the best that I can be” Once you start changing your thought patterns, your life will start to change. As your mind changes, things will start to come into your life.  This allows for your thoughts to manifest and become prominent in your life. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THOUGH!!!! YOU HAVE TO tell yourself that is who I am, and allow for yourself to become in sync with your mind. Don’t let your mind or others tell you who you are, be in control of who you are. You are beautiful, your are successful, you are full of energy and happiness. Let these ideas manifests into your life, starting with your thoughts.

I am not saying that it will always be easy! There will be days you don’t want to feel happy, you don’t to feel energized, you don’t want to get out of bed. But you do it. You count down from 5 and you get up, you tell your self I am energized, I am ready for the day, I am happy and each day it will get easier. All that you want to become in life is in the palm of your hand, its up to you to manifest it into your life.

If your seeing yourself in a negative wa,

Stop and replace the thought with how you want to see yourself. Tell yourself you are that and so much more. Start to believe it, inside and out; start working towards a better you each day and the world will start to contribute to you. You will become the one in charge of your own life, not the person next door or the person you thought you were. But the real you will start to shine through.

Always remember that you are beautiful inside and out, you are full of dreams and desires and you are powerful. You are in control of your life and no one can take that from you. Be your own inspiration, wake up every morning with a new day and a new journey ahead of you.

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