To Forgive, or Not to Forgive

How many of us have had a grudge against someone?

Or has had full on arguments and conversations in our heads with the perfectly planned out, word for word. But does it do us any good? Does it bring us peace and contentment or does it make us angrier and fueled with resentment? Where we start to feel are bodies tense up and are minds start to race. But does this do us any good? As good as it sounds, it really doesn’t get us anywhere.

What if we forgave that person, what if we let it all go. Holy, shit. (she didn’t just say that). The incredible thing is, stressing over what someone else thinks, says or does; doesn’t get us anywhere. How much more relaxed would you feel? If you just said, you’re right (even if there not), or I forgive you and just move on. I know that for myself, I feel like the world was just lifted off my shoulders. I don’t feel the tightness in my muscles, I don’t feel the negativity manifesting within in my mind and I am happy. Happiness has flooded in and I can go about my day without a worry in the world.

The more we allow people to influence are mood and are well-being, the more negativity we allow into our lives. Yes, we are surrounded by people who may piss us off on a daily basis. But if we let them in our head, they start to control are whole day; what we think, what we say, everything. And the more we allow that, the more we become that. Don’t allow yourself to align with the negativity, you are in control of your happiness. The more you allow others to control how you feel inside, the less control you have over who you are.

So how do we not let others control how we feel?

Just let it go, give your heart and soul the peace of mind, that it needs. It doesn’t need to be worried about what someone else did or what they said, just be you. I know for some of us it is hard to just let it go, so practice thinking positively. If someone makes you upset, change your brain to focus on the positive of what they said and then smile and move on with your day. Filling your mind with the positivity that surrounds you. By living your life free of their control, you are in charge of how you feel each day, no one else. Don’t let anyone ruin your happiness.

Now why on earth is this even important?!?!?!

There are benefits!!! The most important one is your happiness, by letting go of what has happened you have no room for negativity. The second most important one is your body is more relaxed, you don’t feel muscles tightening up and hurting, from holding in negativity. That back pain you have…probably is from built up anger, resentment, and negativity. And thirdly they’re health benefits by forgiving others with proven studies of lower blood pressure, cholesterol, improved sleep and heart rate.

How much more at peace would each of us be, if we forgave those who wronged us? Are bodies wouldn’t be as tense, are minds wouldn’t be as busy, and eventually are kindness may make them realize that they can’t interrupt are happiness by their words or actions. Always keep in mind that each of us are going through life with many different obstacles, life isn’t always easy. Be kind to one another, for your in your control.

Are you struggling with forgiveness? I encourage you to check out this book! It has been a great inspiration for helping others learn how to forgive!

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