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The alarm clock rings with its dream stopping obnoxiousness, we roll over hitting the snooze button for another 5 minutes of sleep. But once again it’s not enough and we must awaken from our slumber. Moaning with great agony of the long day ahead of us. The workout we had planned is skipped, for a few extra Z’s that weren’t enough, we scramble to the grab and go breakfast before we rush off to yell at the kids we got to go. NOW! With our coffee cup in hand, we rush to drop them off before that first bell and zip to work, praying we don’t get pulled over… We walk in half alert, with scrambled paperwork in one hand and not enough coffee in the other.

The day drags on with the endless amount of work, as we are reminded of the dreadful soccer game we have to sit through later and the quick dinner beforehand. Just to come home and have the kids crabby and tired, with another hour of homework to sit through. We crawl into bed, sleepy-eyed and exhausted, but with no ambition to sleep, just laying there with a million things on our to-do list running through our minds. That will probably just have to wait for the weekend, or maybe next month… or maybe never.
The dreams and ambitions we once had, slowly slip away with endearing impossibility. Sleep doesn’t come, our minds are to busy. We lay there staring at the phone display in front of us, hoping for something to come along and whip us out of this state, but nothing ever does. We’re stuck in an endless world of running to get ahead.

There is so much more to life then SURVIVING!


Your mind just cleared for a second, your shoulders dropped and you felt at peace for a whole ten seconds! Didn’t you? Now what?

Think about it. How many responsibilities do you have every day? How many jobs do you immerse yourself in?

For many of us we could count up to ten or more different hats we have to wear each day. Whether it be mom/dad, employee, wife/husband, cook, planner, student, sideline coach, secretary, household activity director, pet care taker…. The list goes on and on. We are on the go all the time, its what the world leads us to believe that we have to do. Just so that we can stay ahead. We are all in a hurry to get somewhere or be better than the next person.
BUT, what we forget is to take care of ourselves. America is one of the leading nations in obesity, why? Because we forget that our bodies are important, our well-being is IMPORTANT! Without our bodies and our minds, we can’t wear these countless hats we are given, we can’t take care of our families or live our lives to the fullest.

It is FREE to take care of ourselves!

It doesn’t cost anything to go relax in the bathtub or meditate for 20 minutes or walk a mile or two. It’s free, I promise. Once, we stop to take care of ourselves daily, we begin to see our happiness return, the meaning of life return, our muscles relax and so many other benefits. We can enjoy the moments that we have the opportunity to take with our families or for work or for whatever we need to focus on. If we can’t focus on the tasks at hand, we have no chance of getting ahead. We spend so much time investing in little unnecessary things like social media, sleeping that extra 5 minutes, procrastinating, watching tv, playing games on our phones. All these little things add up over time and don’t benefit us in the slightest.
What if we had an action plan, what if instead of procrastinating we just did it, what if we managed our time a little more effectively; so that we don’t waste it. We are given one life, one amount of time to live and to be who we want to be. How do we set our mindset so we can be effective??? SO that we can wear the many hats, we are given with the feeling of accomplishment.

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