Let’s Get Real, about Pain

Lets get real for a bit….

Pain comes in so many forms, we see it in fear, anger, sadness…. We see it among friends and family, among couples and strangers. For many it’s a very lonely time, it feels as if no one can understand us. The feelings of lost and alone are all to real. Pain hurts, its hurts like fucking hell. You feel it tearing the inside of you apart piece by piece, and with each minute you muster the strength to keep yourself together, but patience runs thin and blood burns hot within in our veins. We want others to feel what were feeling, we want them to understand, we want them to know exactly what it feels like to be in the pain we’re in. We say things to hurt them, we hit, we punch, we call out in desperation. Just so they know how it feels to be us. How it feels to feel the pain we’re in. When all we want is to feel like we are heard. To feel like someone cares, to feel as if we’re not alone in this world.

But bullies…

We watch children bully one another, we see adults scream and fight, we see people struggle with disease and sickness, we see those who hold back the tears and store in the pain, we see murders, we see beatings, we see so much shit that it breaks us. It breaks are hearts, we cry in anguish for these souls whose pain was far worse then we could ever imagine. But yet the pain inside of us has been all too real, at one point or another.

Your story…

Each of us has a story, a story deep within were pain has pulled us into the rut of despair where depression has tried to foretell our future. Maybe your story is from your childhood where someone hurt you, maybe your story is about a relationship gone wrong whether it was a family member or a friend or significant other. Maybe its going on in your life right now! Where someone is trying to control you, or your life isn’t going as planned or that job just isn’t what you wanted, or your just stretched to your breaking point with no end in sight, but where ever you are. Whatever you feel, always know that you were put on this earth for a purpose. This is all part of your journey, its all part of the lessons you have to learn so that you can continue on to living a better life and moving toward your goals.


Many of us know at least one strong person, someone who seems like they’re unbreakable like they have gone through everything under the sun without batting an eyelash. But that isn’t the case. They have been in places like you have been, they have felt the pain eating away inside of them. and they pushed through it. They opened their heart to learning the lessons that were being thrown at them. and they proceeded to push forward, to conquer and rule their life.

You can too.

You can get through this, you can move forward. Just breath and believe in what is truly in your heart. Go towards that, listen deeply and live each moment like it was your last. The answers will come and you will get through it. Always remember the answer is from within. The pain is from within, embrace it full on and the answers will come. The light will shine through and you can keep moving on with your beautiful journey.


Remember dear one, life is about the moments you live in the present, not the dreams in the future or the failures of the past. For one who lives in the present moment will always continue on to reach a fulfilled life full of joy and peace.

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