I Like to Move it, Move it

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Many of us dread it, despise it, question it. We look at it with a big sigh of frustration and defeat. Why? Why is there no enthusiasm, no drive, no ambition to improve our bodies? We allow are selves to be defeated before we even start. We see it at the gym, in school, on social media… people complaining or giving it a bad rap. We learn to agree with these people, to find common ground with them. But why? It doesn’t make us feel any better? It gives us an excuse not to better ourselves. We find Are bodies become stiff, weak, overweight, aging faster, and going downhill faster. We were made to stay active, are bodies need to move and stretch and dance and be free. SO we can relieve stress and tension, so we feel energetic and capable of daily activities. Do you always want to feel defeated by those stair you climb on a daily basis or the pickle jar in the fridge? NO!

Are minds have this amazing capability of controlling every aspect of our lives, the more we tell are selves we can’t do something. The more likely it is that we can’t do it! So change it, tell yourself you can do it. The more you try, the more results you get. You can’t fail at something by continuously trying, instead you get results by the actions you are taking. By guiding your body into improving itself, with daily action. You can only fail if you’re not trying.

We all know there are countless benefits to working out such as a stronger heart that beats slower and stronger and needs less oxygen, prevention of diabetes, it can help in the prevention of some cancers, it helps the brain, reduces depression, delay dementia, improved self-esteem, increased energy, decrease body fat, longer life expectancy, improved immune system….the list goes on and on and on. And yet over half of the American population doesn’t even meet the standard of 30 minutes of moderate exercise 3 days a week.

I don’t care what you do have sex, go for a walk, do squats while you make dinner, lift milk jugs…you don’t have to compete with anyone or be better then anyone. The only person that matters in your workout routine is you. It doesn’t matter if you run a mile or 3 miles, as long as you are getting up and staying active. Find a friend who wants to start working out, join a group at the gym, put together the areas of your body you want to work out and make a list of exercises that target those areas. Want to loose weight do HIIT/Cardio workouts, want to build strength practice slow and controlled movements. You don’t have to go out and buy fancy equipment, you can don’t need equipment to workout and get results. Everything you need is right in your own home, want some weights fill empty milk jugs with water or sand, want to use a band how about using a bungy cord; its all about how important the body you live in, means to you. Now I am not saying you can’t go out and buy weights or bands, these items can be beneficial to your workouts, all I am trying to say is that they are not necessary to get the results you want.

Start by brainstorming, what do you enjoy doing? Walking, running, swimming, biking, hiking, playing with your kids or your dog, yoga… the list goes on and on. Its not about how intense your workout is and how sore you can get your body the next day. Its about enjoying what your doing, if you take notice of how much you move your body and that you are exercising by just walking and moving around. You will actually begin to notice your weight decreasing.

They did a study on nurses, half of the nurses were mindful of all the activity they did through out the day and the other half didn’t even consider their work as exercise. The group who were mindful of their activity, actually noticed a significant difference in toning of their bodies and a decrease in weight compared to the group who never even gave it a thought.

Don’t workout because I am telling you to do it, workout so that you can become the best version of yourself that you strive to be every single day. We are only given this one life. So get out there and honor the body that you live in by exercising and eating healthy.

Below I have attached some different work out plans and videos that can help contribute to toning, strengthening, flexibility and endurance.

Whatever your looking for, check out some of the links below to help you get started!
cardio? https://amzn.to/2NXfe6M

Jillian Michaels

yoga? https://amzn.to/2QeCvTl

Boho Beautiful (yin yoga) This is one of my favorites!

Strength? JIlliam Michaels (strength)
Toning? 20 Minute Body Sculpting


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