Fast Food Junction- What is Fast Food to you?

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We have all had those low-end jobs. The fast-food joints, the amusement parks, the movie theaters.


The ones where…

People don’t show up to work.

Where lateness doesn’t really matter

Where people are more interesting….then they are helpful ( you know who I am talking about)…

Where work ethic really doesn’t exist


The list could go on and on

 But the reality is

The majority of us aren’t living the life we dream of living,

Instead, we are just another number on the floor working our shift. We watch people as they filter through, coming and going. No one sticks around for long but when they do it is a rarity.

The beautiful part of it is, is what many of us miss.

 It is the reality check it gives us all.

It shows us that our dreams take time. It shows us how much we dread being at the bottom of the barrel. It stresses us to our max. It shows us how hard we have to work just to get beyond that point in our lives. We have to do our time, it doesn’t matter what age we are or where we came from. We all have to put in the time, the long hours, the late nights, the tears, the fear and so much more.

And sometimes we get stuck, we get stuck in the reality of the world spinning around us and feel lost and hopeless. This place can go on for months, and even years. It can be a very lonely and degrading time feeling like we are left in the dust by everything and everyone.

But the beauty comes when we break free, we break free of the fast food life, the life of minimum wage and people who don’t really give F***. We grow into that person we were meant to be and we are ready to reach higher and higher. Fear no longer holds us back and our dreams start to feel like they may be within reach.

And they are!

Anything that you can dream is possible.

It takes courage to believe with all your heart.

It takes strength to push through the hard times.

It takes pure devotion to living your best life. 


And most of all it takes strength, courage, devotion and pure heart to believe that you can become anything that you dream to be.

Follow your heart and chase your dreams.

Because one day, you will be much, much more than a fast food worker, amusements park attendy and a theater working junkie.

So take the leap.

Take the leap and follow your heart.


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