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“pain in life comes from unfulfilled desires and expectations.”

How many of us are expected to be something that we are not, or to complete tasks on a daily basis that we hate doing? These things are generally against our beliefs and our desires that we have for our selves.

For the vast majority of us, we are overwhelmed with the number of expectations that are expected of us throughout our lives. And guess what? Most of it causes us a lot of pain and stress.

Why? you might ask.

For example…

We are expected to fulfill expectations that don’t match our calling. Many people have dreams and goals that live within them but put them aside because they seem so far out of reach. We as human beings generally turn expectations into “must do’s, or else” meaning if we don’t accomplish them, we won’t be happy or others won’t be happy with us. It’s hard to forget that we can be happy with or without completing a task.

A man expects his wife to cook, clean, and give him endless amounts of attention. She must measure up to the unrealistic standards of his own, to not let him down. When this happens, both the man and his wife are lead to becoming unhappy and withdraw their love from one another. The women tried so hard to pleasing her man and wondering what she was doing wrong, but the man missed out on the appreciation and gratitude he could have had with his wife.

Maybe you see this in your life.

With your friends, family, significant others or even in the workplace. Where you try so hard to measure up to everyone else’s standards of yourself. That you forget who you are, you forget that you have dreams and goals that you want to achieve. But you keep pushing and pushing yourself to be the best in everyone else’s eyes. But in reality, the only person that really cares and matters is yourself.

So i think the better question here should be, “why aren’t you following our dreams and goals?

NO one else can make your dreams come true, no one else has to live your life, no one else has the authority to make decisions for you…. You are your own person and you need to learn and grow and become that person that you strive to be. Day in and day out.

Yes, some days its going to be hard.

Somedays you have to dig your nails in, but the outcome. The outcome is one and a million. And darling it is all yours if you reach for it. You may have a million excuses as to why you can’t do it, but always remember this is your only chance in this lifetime to make it happen!

Be your own Dictator!

Don’t let others dictate who you are or what you can do. Because you can be everything that you want to be. And when you wake up one day, happy and content with your life. I want you to realize at that moment, that you are finally not enslaved to the expectations of others.

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