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What do we do 24/7, that we rarely ever think about? Breathing!  so why don’t we ever talk about how we breath or how we can improve our breathing for better health? Maybe if you do yoga or meditation, someone might have mentioned it. But you don’t hear about it in your cardio workout, at work or even in school. NO one ever talks about effective breathing and its benefits. What if I said you could control how you felt just by controlling how you breath, what if I said you could have complete control over your emotions if you knew how to breath effectively, what if I said you could improve your health and fitness. These are things we’re not used to hearing about, but it should be a common topic. Why? Because breathing is common! If your not breathing…well then your probably 10 feet under. (and I really hope none of my readers are 10 feet under)

How many of us are runners or moms, or employers or just anyone in general?

I want you to imagine yourself running (we’ve all had to run at some point in our life), remember how it felt gasping for air as your chest is rising up and down and your gasping every ounce of oxygen you can get. And every part of your body is telling you to stop. You start to slow down, relaxing into an easy walking pace. Your gasping for breath, praying you don’t have to do anything for a few minutes well you catch your breath. What if I said this kind of breathing is actually really bad for your body.

Now, imagine you have control. What if you started to focus on drawing the air in and letting it out in a rhythmic pace. It slowly begins to get easier as we change our ways from the dramatic gasping of breath (which many of us are compelled to do) to a controlled rhythmic breath. By learning to control your breathe, you can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress/anxiety, balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, improve athletic performance, and improve mental focus and boost brain health. Many of us don’t even realize that breathing through our mouths compared to breathing through are nose can differ dramatically on your depth of breath, how the air is “prepared and the physical effects they produce.

For many of us it doesn’t matter if we breathe through our nose or are mouth, but we don’t realize is that by breathing through our , we can maximize are physical performance! Our noses contain nitric oxide, when we breathe in we carry this beneficial gas into our lungs. Which helps to maintain hemostasis and neutralize germs and bacteria.

Try this activity below and see how effective your breathing is

“The Buteyko Breathing Method

1.Sit straight without crossing your legs and breathe comfortably and steadily.

2.     Take a small, silent breath in and out through your nose. After exhaling, pinch your nose to keep air from entering.

3.     Start your stopwatch and hold your breath until you feel the first definite desire to breathe.

4.     When you feel the first urge to breathe, resume breathing and note the time. The urge to breathe may come in the form of involuntary movements of your breathing muscles, or your tummy may jerk or your throat may contract.

5.     Your inhalation should be calm and controlled, through your nose. If you feel like you must take a big breath, then you held your breath too long.

The time you just measured is called the “control pause” or CP, and it reflects the tolerance of your body to carbon dioxide. Short control pause times correlate with low tolerance to CO2 and chronically depleted CO2 levels. Here are the criteria for evaluating your control pause (CP):

·        CP 40 to 60 seconds: Indicates a normal, healthy breathing pattern, and excellent physical endurance

·        CP 20 to 40 seconds: Indicates mild breathing impairment, moderate tolerance to physical exercise, and potential for health problems in the future (most folks fall into this category)

·        CP 10 to 20 seconds: Indicates significant breathing impairment and poor tolerance to physical exercise; nasal breath training and lifestyle modifications are recommended (potential areas are poor diet, overweight, excess stress, excess alcohol, etc.)

Want to know more?!?! Check out the links below! The website provided below is not mine it is one I came across during my research and I felt they would give my readers some amazing content!

 I really encourage each and everyone of you to try this activity and to try out some breathing exercises. I know that for myself, it has really improved my health and fitness levels. And I want the same for each one of you. <3

Please check out this website where some of my information came from, it is filled with some really great insight!

Want more information check out this amazing book that will give you tons of techniques and walk you through why breathing correctly is so important!

The Oxygen Advantage

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