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Fast Food Junction- What is Fast Food to you?

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We have all had those low-end jobs. The fast-food joints, the amusement parks, the movie theaters.


The ones where…

People don’t show up to work.

Where lateness doesn’t really matter

Where people are more interesting….then they are helpful ( you know who I am talking about)…

Where work ethic really doesn’t exist


The list could go on and on

 But the reality is

The majority of us aren’t living the life we dream of living,

Instead, we are just another number on the floor working our shift. We watch people as they filter through, coming and going. No one sticks around for long but when they do it is a rarity.

The beautiful part of it is, is what many of us miss.

 It is the reality check it gives us all.

It shows us that our dreams take time. It shows us how much we dread being at the bottom of the barrel. It stresses us to our max. It shows us how hard we have to work just to get beyond that point in our lives. We have to do our time, it doesn’t matter what age we are or where we came from. We all have to put in the time, the long hours, the late nights, the tears, the fear and so much more.

And sometimes we get stuck, we get stuck in the reality of the world spinning around us and feel lost and hopeless. This place can go on for months, and even years. It can be a very lonely and degrading time feeling like we are left in the dust by everything and everyone.

But the beauty comes when we break free, we break free of the fast food life, the life of minimum wage and people who don’t really give F***. We grow into that person we were meant to be and we are ready to reach higher and higher. Fear no longer holds us back and our dreams start to feel like they may be within reach.

And they are!

Anything that you can dream is possible.

It takes courage to believe with all your heart.

It takes strength to push through the hard times.

It takes pure devotion to living your best life. 


And most of all it takes strength, courage, devotion and pure heart to believe that you can become anything that you dream to be.

Follow your heart and chase your dreams.

Because one day, you will be much, much more than a fast food worker, amusements park attendy and a theater working junkie.

So take the leap.

Take the leap and follow your heart.


Want to Learn more about The Leap? Check us out


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Who Left the Gate Open-The Trials of Staying Motivated


Stay Motivated

Stay strong

Stay working

Get up

And keep going!

We’ve all heard it, in some form or another.


We’ve all tried it and we have all failed at it at some point or another.


That’s life, nothing we can do about it.


We have all wished to be better, to do better, and to never give up. Now I am not saying give up, I am not saying you will never get there.


I am saying


Keep working! Keep striving to be better. Don’t give up. You have dreams, you have goals in life that you want to reach, so reach for them. And if you don’t have specific goals right now, make some. Strive to be better, then you were the day before. No one is going to just hand you your dreams.


Some days its hard, its hard to get up, its hard to stay motivated. Its hard to keep working on a dream that seems so far out of reach right now, but you can do it.

Jump into your motivation!


Have you ever seen the look on a puppy’s face when the gate gets left open? The moment they see the gate open up into the unknown, they run! The motivation and drive inside of them is unbearable, they wonder the open space in curiosity and joy.


They don’t want to be caught by the person running behind them, they don’t want to get trapped up inside the fence again. They want to be free, they want to see what is out in the world.




The amazing thing is, unlike the puppy. We have a goal were running towards, we have a dream that is built up inside of us. 


What we don’t have, is the same motivation as that puppy has. Remember the puppy is only exploring. You are chasing a dream, stay motivated to reach that dream, reach deep down inside of you and pull every ounce of strength you have to get there.


Make those dreams a reality in your life. 


Are you afraid once you leave this article you will become unmotivated and uninspired?


Try out these tips!


1. Expect!

a. Expect something great to happen each day, say it out loud to yourself each day. You may not always have the best day, but remember there is something amazing in everyday of your life
  • 2. Control

a. Take control over the things you have control over. Let go of the worries you have no control over.
  • 3. Stay Positive

a. Surround yourself with positivity, whether its through reading, speaking it, podcasts, videos, people…anything stay positive!
  • 4. Mistakes

a. Learn from your mistakes, you mess up? Learn the lessons and move on
  • 5. Plan for Failure

a. Don’t let failure get you down! If you fail get back up! And learn from your mistakes
  • 6. Temptation

a.are you often tempted to give up on your dreams and goals? Plan for those weaknesses. What are you going to do when you feel like giving up?

There are so many different ways to help you stay motivated. Yes, it can be challenging. Yes, some days you will want to give up. But keep pushing forward.

Be that puppy, who takes off when the gate opens up! And run like hell with your dreams.

And one day…

You’ll wake up. With everything you ever dreamed of.

So take the leap, get motivated! Stay Motivated!


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I Didn’t Eat the Cookie Dough-The Tale of Self Control

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self-control and cookie dough

Two and a quarter cups of flour, one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon baking soda in a small bowl. In the large bowl add the sugar, the eggs, vanilla and butter… We all know the nestle chocolate chip recipe (I may know it a little to well for my own liking).

As we stir in the flour the creamy goodness of chocolate chip cookie dough comes to life. One little bite won’t hurt…

Will it?

Maybe one more… as we secretly eat it in pure delight…

How hard is it to resist?

 (if you don’t like cookie dough, well I don’t know what to tell you other then show me your ways!)

It can be extremely hard to resist, just like other times in our lives.

Maybe it was the time we over ate, maybe it was the time we spent to much money, maybe it was the time we had to say no but really wanted to say yes, maybe it was the 500th time we said we would get up and workout but we didn’t.

We all experience the struggle of learning self-control throughout our lives. Sometimes we take two steps forward, and 4 steps back. We all do it, that’s life.

Learn from those steps back, so the next time you are better prepared.

Have you tried losing weight?

I am sure we have all been there, when that bag of cookies in the kitchen temps us. But after the third day we cant say no anymore. and before you know it your back to square 1. It happens, forgive yourself and move on.

What you must understand is that your self-control is a lot stronger then you realize. Sometimes we just have to learn how to set our selves up for success instead of failure.

There are certain things that we can do to give a lot better self-control over different aspects of our lives.

1.       Meditate

a.       Learn to control your thoughts and your emotions (you can find more on meditation here)

2.       Goals

a.       Set small goals that are easily manageable and lead to one larger goal

3.       Eat Smart

a.       Instead of eating sugary snacks or empty calories to curve cravings, try something that digests slower such as whole grain rice or meat.

4.       Motivation

a.       What is your motivation, to avoid the temptation? Remembering your why will help you stay strong through the hard times.

5.       Exercise

a.       Do you ever feel like going off on someone that really agrivates you? Try focusing that energy into your workouts. You’ll have a lot better time ignoring the impulse to go off on them

6.       Forgive yourself

a.       Forgive yourself for the mistakes you make. Sometimes we tend to over indulge when we practice self control but fail. Remember to forgive yourself and keep moving forward in the right direction


Believe in yourself, have confidence in your abilities and don’t eat the cookie dough (well maybe just one little bite).  You are stronger then you know and you have the power to achieve anything in this life. Don’t let some cookies hold you back from achieving your goals. Your dreams are worth it.

So take the leap, take the leap and don’t ever look back!

Want to learn more, you can check out this link below! 

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Be your Own Inspiration

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It takes courage to be you,

Courage to be strong

To fight for the dreams that beat inside

For the life you imagine

And the beauty of your passions

it all comes from within

from within the heart that beats inside of you.

It is time, time that you step forward into the light. The light where your heart beats and the mind runs.

It runs to the dreams that live inside of you, it believes that you can inspire to create a beautiful place in this wonderful life of yours.


Many of us search for inspiration,


we look for it in self help books, we look for it in quotes and in people. We look around us, we look up and down and all around. But so many of us forget that inspiration lives inside of us And when we feel it, we are over taken with wonder and amazement. Our minds run with the thoughts and the crazy ideas….


But they’re not crazy,

they are us, they are what we live for, what we dream about. Inspiration is the pathway to our dreams and goals in life. They are the golden roads that keep us moving forward, to be all that we dream to be.


And then suddenly the inspiration stops.


But why does it stop?


Because reality set in; the fear, the realization of what if we fail, what if people don’t like our ideas, what if it doesn’t work and what about all the time and the work that it will take to get there. What about the money, where is that going to come from?


SO many challenges stop us in our tracks before we even get started.


Inspiration says, “ Keep going!”


What we must realize, is that the inspiration that we are given is put there to inspire us to live out our true destiney. Those dreams we see over and over again. that is what we are born to do. No they may not always go as planned, there might be bumps and bruises along the way, but they lead us down the most life changing roads. They push us to become who we truly are, they drive us to dig down deep inside of ourselves and push forward, through the obstacles, through the ups and downs along the way. And when we get to the finish line, where that dream is coming true. All we can do is smile. I promise you it won’t be just any smile, it will be a huge grin, tears may fall in celebration., knees may buckle in thanks and your heart may sing with joy.


Its time to be inspired!


Quotes, people, and places will come and go. But the inspiration you need will always live inside of you. It is your job to keep it alive! TO keep the dreams you have for your wonderful life growing. I cant tell you all that your want will come true, I cant say what life has to offer you but I do know that with time we can be anything in this life.

So find that inspiration, if you have to listen to others talk, if you have to read books and quotes, if you have to little things to keep you moving forward, do them! But don’t let them take over to much time, you still need time to work on those dreams!


What inspires you? What do you dream about?

Getting in shape, an amazing job, a beautiful marriage, a wonderful home…what is it?  The list can go on and on. Many of us had a dream that came to mind while reading this. We felt empowered in the thought of “what if this could happen?” Hell yes, it could happen to you.


If the beggar on the street could become a millionaire, you can too. Learn to be true to yourself, learn to love your dreams and to believe in them. Work for them.


I am not saying it will always be easy, I am not saying they will happen over night, or that everyone will be there for you.


All I know is that if you can believe in those dreams, if you can work hard, and stay inspired to keep moving forwards, to keep dreaming big. You can have all that you inspire to have in this life.


The power lives in you.


Because you are strong, you are beautiful and you are important in this life we live in


So take The Leap, the Leap of inspiration.


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Living in the Moment, Staying in the Comfort Zone


The phras comfort zone can have different perspectives, bringing different light to a complex topic. When you hear the words “comfort zone” you may not think of it as a complex topic, but there are two very different opinions on what our comfort zone can be.


For some our comfort zone exists in staying home, curled up in a cozy blanket watching movies or reading a book, while others may find their comfort zone outside finding a wild adventure in far off places. Where ever that place of comfort lies, it is yours to cherish.


But a controversial topic it can be. Type it in on google, some will say Live in the moment, do things that terrify you and get out of your comfort zone while others may say, don’t leave your comfort zone, it is who you are! Be in the place you feel at peace in.


I say, “Its time to break free of the unhappiness in your life.”


Do what makes you feel happy in life, if your not happy with where you are, it is time to change what you are doing. Yes, that might mean you have to break out of your daily routine, it might mean you have to reach into a different area that you are not comfortable in right now. But it all is about learning to develop yourself to become the person you wish to be.

I think we all have a comfort zone, where we are afraid to be ourselves and afraid of stepping out of where we are right now and then there is the comfort zone where we are at peace with our lives, Where living in the moment is easy, where making choices to better our lives may be a little frightening but we trust our intuition enough to follow the path we were born to take.


The Road less traveled


Our true comfort zone is NOT, I repeat is NOT following the path that was laid out for us, it is Not following what we are told to door how we were told to act. It is taking life by the reins and following our dreams. Yes, you may have to step into unfamiliar territory, you may have to get good at things your horrible at. But I promise you, it gets better, it gets easier and it gets comfortable. You will find your true comfort zone.




You get comfortable with growth, with change, and with the life you wish to create.

When you get into a routine, you become comfortable, you become lazy, you become bored and content with just being where you are. You might have dreams and ambitions that lay somewhere deep inside of you. But if you don’t do something about following those dreams.


(I hate to be blunt…) But honestly you just killed them, you killed them with being comfortable with where you are in life right now. Your sitting around letting life just lead you down its own path with no destination in mind. And with that comes regret.


SO choose to be a leader, a fighter, a living in the moment kind of comfort zone striver.

Be a leader of your dreams, share what inspires you share what drives you and keeps you running forward with that dream. Don’t let it die. Don’t be that person about to take their last breath and realize that life passed you by and you never did anything to follow your dreams.

Now I am not saying to step out of your comfort zone to prove a point or to impress someone. NO, it has to be for you. It has to be you doing it for yourself or for whatever inspires you to push forward.


Embrace the comfort zone, that makes you the person you wish to be.


Learn your strengths, learn your weaknesses, learn to do things that make you happy; set boundaries with what you want in your life and what you don’t want. It takes a great deal of confidence to live a life in your true comfort zone, not the comfort zone you settled with in fear of disappointing yourself or others around you.


When I think of my comfort zone


A picture of contentment and freedom comes to mind. A picture of freedom to let my heart sing, and my soul shine through, impacting the lives of thousands and to enrich others with that same feeling of comfort and beauty that I strive to keep in my life.

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“pain in life comes from unfulfilled desires and expectations.”

How many of us are expected to be something that we are not, or to complete tasks on a daily basis that we hate doing? These things are generally against our beliefs and our desires that we have for our selves.

For the vast majority of us, we are overwhelmed with the number of expectations that are expected of us throughout our lives. And guess what? Most of it causes us a lot of pain and stress.

Why? you might ask.

For example…

We are expected to fulfill expectations that don’t match our calling. Many people have dreams and goals that live within them but put them aside because they seem so far out of reach. We as human beings generally turn expectations into “must do’s, or else” meaning if we don’t accomplish them, we won’t be happy or others won’t be happy with us. It’s hard to forget that we can be happy with or without completing a task.

A man expects his wife to cook, clean, and give him endless amounts of attention. She must measure up to the unrealistic standards of his own, to not let him down. When this happens, both the man and his wife are lead to becoming unhappy and withdraw their love from one another. The women tried so hard to pleasing her man and wondering what she was doing wrong, but the man missed out on the appreciation and gratitude he could have had with his wife.

Maybe you see this in your life.

With your friends, family, significant others or even in the workplace. Where you try so hard to measure up to everyone else’s standards of yourself. That you forget who you are, you forget that you have dreams and goals that you want to achieve. But you keep pushing and pushing yourself to be the best in everyone else’s eyes. But in reality, the only person that really cares and matters is yourself.

So i think the better question here should be, “why aren’t you following our dreams and goals?

NO one else can make your dreams come true, no one else has to live your life, no one else has the authority to make decisions for you…. You are your own person and you need to learn and grow and become that person that you strive to be. Day in and day out.

Yes, some days its going to be hard.

Somedays you have to dig your nails in, but the outcome. The outcome is one and a million. And darling it is all yours if you reach for it. You may have a million excuses as to why you can’t do it, but always remember this is your only chance in this lifetime to make it happen!

Be your own Dictator!

Don’t let others dictate who you are or what you can do. Because you can be everything that you want to be. And when you wake up one day, happy and content with your life. I want you to realize at that moment, that you are finally not enslaved to the expectations of others.

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Finding Strength


I received an email this morning from one of our readers, asking where do I receive my strength? And after a lot of thought, I realized this is such a powerful question in our daily lives!

Just think about it for a minute…Where do we find the strength to keep pushing forward and staying motivated? Where do we find the strength to push past all the crap, thrown in our way and still keep going?

For the majority of us, it is a lot of searching, but searching for what, you might ask?

I know for myself, I never really knew what pushed me to keep searching for that strength. I just knew there was more out there in the world. More then I could ever imagine. That’s what kept me moving forward, through the family fights, the depression, the relationships I had, the suicidal thoughts that haunted me… and among so many other struggles I encountered. I knew there was something more. I knew I had a calling, but I just didn’t know what it was.

Soul Searching

In the past few weeks, a lot of unanswered questions have started to come to a close. I can see the manifestation of so many new and exciting things coming my way. It took a lot of soul searching, asking questions, and reconnecting with my friends and family. As well as facing a lot of battles that I used to run from.

My dreams… 

and goals are what really helped me to push through the hard times. I knew I wanted to inspire others to live an incredible life full of happiness and fulfillment through mental and physical health, I knew I wanted to be a role model for my son, I knew I wanted to get back to school and get back to horseback riding (yes, I was that crazy horse girl in school and still am  ) and I knew I wanted to start eating right and working out better. Because these are the things, that make me feel complete. Though they may sound simple, they make my life complete.


I want to travel and be able to provide a better life for my family.  But right now, I am getting back to the basics and following my heart, where ever it might take me. I know, I will be all right.

Do you have a dream?

Maybe, you have dreams and goals in your life, maybe you have a family that motivates you or maybe you have this feeling deep inside that keeps telling you there is so much more out there!  So take a minute. Sit down and think, what inspires you? What makes you feel joyful and full of life? What dreams do you have?
Write them down. (Pick at least 3)


write down about 3 steps that you could take to help you reach these goals.
Finally, write something on the bottom that inspires you to keep pushing forward, whether it’s a quote or just a short sentence. It doesn’t matter. As long as it motivates you.

All right, after all that!

Hang it up somewhere, post it on the fridge or in the bathroom or next to your bed or even make yourself a vision board! Whatever you got to do so that you see it every day.

Maybe, you have to do, to make this even more powerful! Start keeping a journal and write down what you are doing each day to work towards those goals and what your feeling! And if your dreams change, that’s fine!! It means you are becoming more aligned with your calling!

Where does it come from?

Strength comes from being yourself, 100% you and no one else.
And if you are feeling the hardships of this life, I want you to breathe in everything you are feeling and allow your heart to acknowledge that feeling let it run through your body with your breath and once you have felt it, let it go. And move on towards your next step.

You can and you will be an amazing advocate of your dreams if you believe in yourself.

Just take the leap!

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Let’s Get Real, about Pain

Lets get real for a bit….

Pain comes in so many forms, we see it in fear, anger, sadness…. We see it among friends and family, among couples and strangers. For many it’s a very lonely time, it feels as if no one can understand us. The feelings of lost and alone are all to real. Pain hurts, its hurts like fucking hell. You feel it tearing the inside of you apart piece by piece, and with each minute you muster the strength to keep yourself together, but patience runs thin and blood burns hot within in our veins. We want others to feel what were feeling, we want them to understand, we want them to know exactly what it feels like to be in the pain we’re in. We say things to hurt them, we hit, we punch, we call out in desperation. Just so they know how it feels to be us. How it feels to feel the pain we’re in. When all we want is to feel like we are heard. To feel like someone cares, to feel as if we’re not alone in this world.

But bullies…

We watch children bully one another, we see adults scream and fight, we see people struggle with disease and sickness, we see those who hold back the tears and store in the pain, we see murders, we see beatings, we see so much shit that it breaks us. It breaks are hearts, we cry in anguish for these souls whose pain was far worse then we could ever imagine. But yet the pain inside of us has been all too real, at one point or another.

Your story…

Each of us has a story, a story deep within were pain has pulled us into the rut of despair where depression has tried to foretell our future. Maybe your story is from your childhood where someone hurt you, maybe your story is about a relationship gone wrong whether it was a family member or a friend or significant other. Maybe its going on in your life right now! Where someone is trying to control you, or your life isn’t going as planned or that job just isn’t what you wanted, or your just stretched to your breaking point with no end in sight, but where ever you are. Whatever you feel, always know that you were put on this earth for a purpose. This is all part of your journey, its all part of the lessons you have to learn so that you can continue on to living a better life and moving toward your goals.


Many of us know at least one strong person, someone who seems like they’re unbreakable like they have gone through everything under the sun without batting an eyelash. But that isn’t the case. They have been in places like you have been, they have felt the pain eating away inside of them. and they pushed through it. They opened their heart to learning the lessons that were being thrown at them. and they proceeded to push forward, to conquer and rule their life.

You can too.

You can get through this, you can move forward. Just breath and believe in what is truly in your heart. Go towards that, listen deeply and live each moment like it was your last. The answers will come and you will get through it. Always remember the answer is from within. The pain is from within, embrace it full on and the answers will come. The light will shine through and you can keep moving on with your beautiful journey.


Remember dear one, life is about the moments you live in the present, not the dreams in the future or the failures of the past. For one who lives in the present moment will always continue on to reach a fulfilled life full of joy and peace.

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Take Time to For You!

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The alarm clock rings with its dream stopping obnoxiousness, we roll over hitting the snooze button for another 5 minutes of sleep. But once again it’s not enough and we must awaken from our slumber. Moaning with great agony of the long day ahead of us. The workout we had planned is skipped, for a few extra Z’s that weren’t enough, we scramble to the grab and go breakfast before we rush off to yell at the kids we got to go. NOW! With our coffee cup in hand, we rush to drop them off before that first bell and zip to work, praying we don’t get pulled over… We walk in half alert, with scrambled paperwork in one hand and not enough coffee in the other.

The day drags on with the endless amount of work, as we are reminded of the dreadful soccer game we have to sit through later and the quick dinner beforehand. Just to come home and have the kids crabby and tired, with another hour of homework to sit through. We crawl into bed, sleepy-eyed and exhausted, but with no ambition to sleep, just laying there with a million things on our to-do list running through our minds. That will probably just have to wait for the weekend, or maybe next month… or maybe never.
The dreams and ambitions we once had, slowly slip away with endearing impossibility. Sleep doesn’t come, our minds are to busy. We lay there staring at the phone display in front of us, hoping for something to come along and whip us out of this state, but nothing ever does. We’re stuck in an endless world of running to get ahead.

There is so much more to life then SURVIVING!


Your mind just cleared for a second, your shoulders dropped and you felt at peace for a whole ten seconds! Didn’t you? Now what?

Think about it. How many responsibilities do you have every day? How many jobs do you immerse yourself in?

For many of us we could count up to ten or more different hats we have to wear each day. Whether it be mom/dad, employee, wife/husband, cook, planner, student, sideline coach, secretary, household activity director, pet care taker…. The list goes on and on. We are on the go all the time, its what the world leads us to believe that we have to do. Just so that we can stay ahead. We are all in a hurry to get somewhere or be better than the next person.
BUT, what we forget is to take care of ourselves. America is one of the leading nations in obesity, why? Because we forget that our bodies are important, our well-being is IMPORTANT! Without our bodies and our minds, we can’t wear these countless hats we are given, we can’t take care of our families or live our lives to the fullest.

It is FREE to take care of ourselves!

It doesn’t cost anything to go relax in the bathtub or meditate for 20 minutes or walk a mile or two. It’s free, I promise. Once, we stop to take care of ourselves daily, we begin to see our happiness return, the meaning of life return, our muscles relax and so many other benefits. We can enjoy the moments that we have the opportunity to take with our families or for work or for whatever we need to focus on. If we can’t focus on the tasks at hand, we have no chance of getting ahead. We spend so much time investing in little unnecessary things like social media, sleeping that extra 5 minutes, procrastinating, watching tv, playing games on our phones. All these little things add up over time and don’t benefit us in the slightest.
What if we had an action plan, what if instead of procrastinating we just did it, what if we managed our time a little more effectively; so that we don’t waste it. We are given one life, one amount of time to live and to be who we want to be. How do we set our mindset so we can be effective??? SO that we can wear the many hats, we are given with the feeling of accomplishment.

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Becoming One, With Yourself

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I’m a meditation addict…I don’t even know if that’s a thing… but I do know I could lay here all day meditating on the things I want to bring into my life, asking questions of my higher self, and learning about being one with my spirit instead of one with my physical body.

And do you know what, by taking the time to meditate I feel so much more at peace inside of myself, I handle conflicts better, my confidence has grown, I feel the beauty of my soul within, the harsh judgment of others has subsided, my mind feels refreshed, and my dreams feel possible.

All because I took 20 minutes out of my day to reconnect. (As a mom, I would not survive my toddler without meditation.)

Now your wondering, well how do I start. Where do I begin? Isn’t meditation for monks?

Absolutely NOT!! Meditation is for everyone!

First off there are 5 Main Types of Meditation

The goal here is to relax and calm the mind. Many of us are familiar with the shifting of thoughts and not being able to focus on one thing at a time. In this meditation, we seek to quiet our thoughts. Take about 15-30 minutes, when thoughts come to your mind try to dismiss them. You can use a word or sound of water or even your breath to focus your attention on. If thoughts keep returning try to ponder why? Why are they important? How does it affect me? How can I deal with them?
By using vipassana you simply observe your breath to anchor your thoughts. You can use a breaths et of (1,2,3, etc.) then exhale and count inhale. Repeat

Active Meditation
Have you ever felt in the “zone” while playing a sport, an instrument, or possibly experienced a runner’s high? All of these things are examples of active meditation to some degree. It can simply be going for a walk, Practicing yoga, dancing or any other activity. The key is to clear your mind and use the movement of your body to clear your mind. By simply focusing on the movement of your body, dismiss thoughts that cause your mind to wonder and refocus on your body into moving through the exercise.

This involves repeating a word or phrase, which anchors your mind. When you repeat the word or saying over and over again, the vibrations of the word act as an anchor allowing for you to clear your mind and for spiritual progression to take place. What you use is completely up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

It is designed to explore and focus on one’s thoughts or feelings. Before starting you must have a very clear and calm mind. Starting with a mindfulness meditation first may be beneficial. First by picking a topic such as “love” “anger” “peace” etc. Allow your mind to open up focusing on that word, let it flow where ever it may take you, don’t try to control it. Just let the thoughts run by, without judgment or self-editing, just explore what comes to you. Sometimes by focusing on a negative topic such as “hate” you can explore the images and release the negativity that comes with them. But don’t ever end on a negative topic, it’s important to end your session in a positive way. Your negative topic may even come back to you in a positive way, by ending on a positive note. This allows you to explore connections that you have forgotten about but is still affecting you on a subconscious level.

By having a person or audio guide you through your meditation, by speaking of a certain scenario or even an archetypal dream type world. You can also develop your own “plan” for your meditation. Where will you go? Whom will you talk too? How will you react to challenges along the way?
By doing guided meditations it allows your imagination to run wild and explore mental associations in a very active way. You could go back and talk to your younger self to work through issues, talk to a deceased loved one to finish unsettled business, or even ask for advice from someone great that you admire. You have unlimited possibilities.

Enjoy every minute of your journey, you only live each moment once.

Love yourself and love your journey!

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