Be your Own Inspiration

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It takes courage to be you,

Courage to be strong

To fight for the dreams that beat inside

For the life you imagine

And the beauty of your passions

it all comes from within

from within the heart that beats inside of you.

It is time, time that you step forward into the light. The light where your heart beats and the mind runs.

It runs to the dreams that live inside of you, it believes that you can inspire to create a beautiful place in this wonderful life of yours.


Many of us search for inspiration,


we look for it in self help books, we look for it in quotes and in people. We look around us, we look up and down and all around. But so many of us forget that inspiration lives inside of us And when we feel it, we are over taken with wonder and amazement. Our minds run with the thoughts and the crazy ideas….


But they’re not crazy,

they are us, they are what we live for, what we dream about. Inspiration is the pathway to our dreams and goals in life. They are the golden roads that keep us moving forward, to be all that we dream to be.


And then suddenly the inspiration stops.


But why does it stop?


Because reality set in; the fear, the realization of what if we fail, what if people don’t like our ideas, what if it doesn’t work and what about all the time and the work that it will take to get there. What about the money, where is that going to come from?


SO many challenges stop us in our tracks before we even get started.


Inspiration says, “ Keep going!”


What we must realize, is that the inspiration that we are given is put there to inspire us to live out our true destiney. Those dreams we see over and over again. that is what we are born to do. No they may not always go as planned, there might be bumps and bruises along the way, but they lead us down the most life changing roads. They push us to become who we truly are, they drive us to dig down deep inside of ourselves and push forward, through the obstacles, through the ups and downs along the way. And when we get to the finish line, where that dream is coming true. All we can do is smile. I promise you it won’t be just any smile, it will be a huge grin, tears may fall in celebration., knees may buckle in thanks and your heart may sing with joy.


Its time to be inspired!


Quotes, people, and places will come and go. But the inspiration you need will always live inside of you. It is your job to keep it alive! TO keep the dreams you have for your wonderful life growing. I cant tell you all that your want will come true, I cant say what life has to offer you but I do know that with time we can be anything in this life.

So find that inspiration, if you have to listen to others talk, if you have to read books and quotes, if you have to little things to keep you moving forward, do them! But don’t let them take over to much time, you still need time to work on those dreams!


What inspires you? What do you dream about?

Getting in shape, an amazing job, a beautiful marriage, a wonderful home…what is it?  The list can go on and on. Many of us had a dream that came to mind while reading this. We felt empowered in the thought of “what if this could happen?” Hell yes, it could happen to you.


If the beggar on the street could become a millionaire, you can too. Learn to be true to yourself, learn to love your dreams and to believe in them. Work for them.


I am not saying it will always be easy, I am not saying they will happen over night, or that everyone will be there for you.


All I know is that if you can believe in those dreams, if you can work hard, and stay inspired to keep moving forwards, to keep dreaming big. You can have all that you inspire to have in this life.


The power lives in you.


Because you are strong, you are beautiful and you are important in this life we live in


So take The Leap, the Leap of inspiration.


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