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Whether it’s a puppy bouncing around your heals, a friendly nicker from the barn, or even the joyful scream from a cockatoo. Animals bring a whole new impact to our lives. With an astounding 62% of American house holds having an animal in their home. Its hard not to say they impact our lives. An animals unique presence brings us peace and a sense of happiness. They’re always by are side, happy and joyful, whether it be that sweet face bouncing all around as you walk in the door, licking your face and wanting your undivided attention, or it be the sweet aroma of hay as you find yourself among the magnificent creature of the horse, or even a pitiful meow as they walk across your lap looking for a back scratch. There is no doubt that animals help to relieve the stress from our daily lives. They always know how we are feeling without ever saying a word and the kindness in our hearts. There is never judgment or foul words that cross over their tongues, all we find is love within them.

As research continues to grow

We find more and more people who have seeing eye dogs, service dogs, animals found in occupational and speech therapy, and even physical rehabilitation centers. Why, you might ask? They have a way of influencing us to stay active, to feel comfortable and to reduce anxiety. Research has found that animal owners have lower blood pressure and are able to regulate heart rate during stressful situations. Not only are they influencing adults, they influence children giving them a greater sense of empathy, higher self esteem and increased participation in social and physical activites. Don’t believe me? Go down to your County fair, you’ll find countless kids working hard and giving their heart and soul to their animals. And if their animals are to be sold, you’ll see tears in those children’s eyes because of the hard work and dedication they put into them. And if you still don’t believe me, go down and talk to a therapeutic horseback riding instructor, physical therapist, speech therapist, or an occupational therapist, watch the kids as they grow in their speech, physical abilities and their capabilities of daily living as they interact with animals.

Animals are a good role model for us to fallow 

For one they may remember the past but they always do their utmost best to live each moment of their lives to the fullest, without judgment. They don’t care what we look like or how we talk, they don’t care if we have a million dollars or only a penny or two. They care what is in our hearts and that! That is what we as humans should look for in each other, look for what is on the inside, for the most beautiful people may not be the appealing to the eye. But their hearts are full of gold.

I hope and prey that each and every one of you can be blessed with animals in your lives. If you have an animal of your own don’t forget to tell them how much you appreciate them and to give them the best life possible. They don’t care if you buy them a fancy toy or anything, all they ask for is your love and devotion.

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