Design your own Workouts!

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Where do you start? What do I do? ALL I want is to loose weight and feel better! HELP! I don’t have the money to spend on workout videos and diet plans…I don’t have time for the gym, I don’t know how to plan a work out.






If you can grab a pencil and some paper and right down your answers!

Do you like strength training, do you like High intensity or low intensity training? What makes you feel good?

 (NO! NOT THE ICE CREAM AND YOUR BED..yes it crossed my mind too!)

Pick one, two or all three.

Now what is it that you want to improve? Do you want stronger arms, better agility, that 6 pack abs, stronger legs. What is it that you would like to improve about your body?

Now that you have a little better idea, what you want to improve.

How long would you like your workout to be? 15, 20, 30, 45, or even an hour workout? Pick how long would be beneficial to you and what fits into your schedule. Now, how long will you do each exercise? I like doing a 30-minute routine, one exercise for one minute. You could do one minute or 30 seconds, it just depends on what you want.

A workout needs to be based on your needs!  

Pick out Exercises that improve those areas, below I have listed different variations of workout plans, working high intensity, low intensity, and strength training.


Strength training

              Arms- pushups, chair dips, triangle pushups, plank, arm circles, tricep dips

              Legs-sumo squats, lunges, side leg raises, leg extensions, regular squats, climbers

              Abs-bicycle crunches, flutter kicks, double crunches, V-sits, Russian twists, crunches, planks

Remember in strength training, every exercise is taken slow. Don’t Rush! We’re building muscle!

High Intensity

              Arms-burpees, arm circles, push up to side plank, tricep push ups

              Legs-squat jumps, high knees, rock climbers, jump lunges,

              Abs-sit ups, reverse crunches, leg raises, reverse crunches, scissors

                           Remember high intensity is a fast pace! So give it your all, but PLEASE don’t hurt yourself!

Low intensity

              Arms-side plank, up and down plank, decline pushups

              Legs- walking lunges, leg bridges, single leg bridges, wall sit

              Abs-superman, V crunch, bird dogs, crunches, plank knee to elbows

                           Remember low intensity is similar to strength training, but can be easier on the joints

Take as many exercises that you want, set your amount of time, and do it once or repeat your workouts! It’s that simple!

You can do this! You are important, take time to improve you! You can’t give to others, if your can’t give to yourself.

Be sure to check out my post in Nutrition “Can I Eat it” for more information on ways to loose weight, while making it a lifestyle. NOT A DIET!

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